6 november 2003.225 pm

my weekend in 3 parts - part three

sunday, november 2nd

midnight: get back to the hotel and watch bad movies on cable until i pass out.

830am: wake up for no reason. stay up and read.

1030am: the boys wake up. get stoned and check out of the hotel.

11am: go to carrow's family restaurant, like we're old people. sit in the smoking section with a bunch of old people. the best one is an obvious carrow's regular named "tex.' he's very old and dressed all in black like a cowboy, complete with cowboy hat. he was probably really sad that johnny cash died before he did. all the waitresses stop by to say hi to him. he stares at us for the entire time we're there.

noon: david decides he's full, but orders a slice of pie to go.

1202pm: david eats his pie in the car, because apparently he couldnt eat it while we were inside the restaurant two minutes ago.

1230pm: go to a thrift store where everything is sort of expensive, but theres a permanent 50% off sale. i get an ugly purse and a poster of what might be a chinese acupuncture chart? cody buys a hot naked lady poster from the 1970s.

130pm: david announces he wants to go to a bookstore. find a bookstore, and wander around until we are bored and decide to have david paged over the pa system, complete with his middle name ["earl"]. this is hysterical, at the time.

2pm: drive.

3pm: drive.

4pm: drive.

5pm: drive.

6pm: get into Ultimate Car Battle with david; Front Seat vs Back Seat. im surprised cody can drive with a fistfight/wrestling match happening everywhere in his car besides where he is sitting.

7pm: Ultimate Car Battle ends in a draw.

730pm: arrive at my house. realise that all 3 of us now have terrible colds. alternately place blame on david [who had a cold at the beginning of the trip] and the snow [snow is a bitch].

yeah, i go on the best road trips EVER. hopefully the next road trip will be even more bizarre/obscure.

but right now i have to go cough up more unidentifiable sludge. YUM