31 May 2005.1:57 am

1. this is going to be the best movie i'll see all summer. i don't see how it couldn't be.

2. cody and i have plans to watch 'spy kids' and 'spy kids 2: island of lost dreams' because we heard they were awesome. and also that movie where lisa bonet is naked.

3. "america's funniest home videos: uncensored deluxe edition" is the weirdest thing i've seen in a long time. first off, its hosted by steve carell, who im sure you thought was a fairly legitimate actor, and now you're wrong. secondly, the videos fall into roughly 6 categories: full frontal male nudity in surprise shower attacks; accidental titty shots [from not only really old women, but also some girls who couldnt have been more than 15]; animals humping different species of animals [rabbits humping cats; horses humping people]; animals eating fecal matter; animals masturbating; and miscellaneous. i don't want to talk about miscellaneous. who is this video marketed for exactly? i mean besides me?

4. if they ever discontinue the schick intuition razor i could get really bummed out, and i have a feeling they might because its pretty stupid looking and i dont see commercials for it anymore. when it starts showing up at the discount grocery stores, that's when i'll start hoarding.