12 september 2004.136 pm

my film teacher [not the one i have a professor crush on, the other one] sort of reminded me of this man in the hat getting fellated right here because he is one of those beefy "bear lovin" gay leather men. i'm not sure if he was actually gay but i know two things for sure: he was foreign and he looked like vin diesel. if he had announced to the class that he has chaps and a riding crop at home i would not have been surprised. at all.

i dropped that class because the only three movies listed on the syllabus were the fugitive, the truman show, and days of heaven, and i imagine the TBA movies would not have been any better.

i am so broke that there are no words to describe it. i should be homeless and begging on the streets. job search 2k4 commences next week, in which i will fill out aplications for jobs i am overqualified for, and send resumes out for jobs i am underqualified for, and ultimately never get hired for anything except nannying positions.

also my hair needs cutting. ashley is not in such good shape.