15 April 2004.12:23 am

hi my name is ashley and everything in my life BREAKS AT THE SAME TIME INCLUDING MY SANITY:

my car has been making these awesome noises for a long time, signifying that it needs a brake job, but whatever, minor inconvenience. BUT recently ive started to use the emergency brake WHILE driving, mostly in the morning when the car isnt totally warmed up....FUCK. i need mtv to come and pimp my ride.

also i need a new mattress and i thought this would be a simple thing to get, but WHY ARE MATTRESSES UPWARDS OF $700? its an UPHOLSTERED PADDED BOX, where is the $700 of craftmanship in that? also, while we're on the topic of bedding, im looking for a big fleece blanket for cuddling purposes and all the nice ones start at $40, which doesnt seem too bad compared to the $700 mattress [or as i will be forever referring to them as, "scambox"] but really, its just like an extra slap in the face. fuck this noise, i'm going to build my own goddamned mattress.

and weave my own motherfuckin blanket too.