19 september 2003.1210 am

sorry ive been so busy with my week long Johnny Cash Car Stereo Memorial Jammy Jam, in which i drive around at funeral procession speeds while bumpin johnny on my boombox and i sing along and chainsmoke. if anybody honks at me for driving slowly: i flip them the bird and tell them to suck my dick. another point of interest from the past six days of my life:

i went to leia's house for katy donovan's john waters themed birthday party [true to my ways of half assed dressing up for themed parties, i dressed normally, except i wrote FASSBINDER on my arm with a red marker, you know, "cecil b demented." i dont really like themed parties, but i LOVE fassbinder]. i spent most of the party totally stoned, sitting on an ottoman, but i got to meet ann's twin! this was terribly exciting, as if you have talked to me in the past three weeks i have probably talked about how ann has a twin and how weird i thought it was that she never told me. its good that i met him now, because everyone was sick of my "ANN HAS A CLONE, SORT OF" story. he's taller, with redder hair, but he has ann's face! WEIRD! his name is andrew but we dubbed him "Man Ann." i hope he comes back and parties with us some more.

and then the cops broke up the party at 2am, because santa cruz police have nothing to do since they apparently arent going to try to catch that dude who's assaulting women downtown. of course, being santa cruz, all the women he's tried to rape have beat him up, so i guess its not really a big concern.

more updates on my exciting life soon, i promise.