11 november 2005.436 am


next : you know i talk high and mighty about loving television yet dissing mtv hella hard, but holy crap have you seen this yet? speed dating plus elimidate equals lowest budget, dumbest people, most INSANE obviously scripted dialogue ["Hi, my name is Chase and I hope this babe gets a taste of my chowder!"]. i watched this by accident and was pleasantly appalled. i enjoy the camaraderie of the daters in the van, especially when its gay men [homosexuals on dating shows! how "progressive!"]. the gay dudes always rally really hard together as soon as the first one gets "next"ed. god. also this show is usually followed by the second best mtv trainwreck

score : two aspiring "musicians" each write and perform a song in hopes to win a date to puerto vallarta with someone else they never met that has set up arbitrary rules for said song. all songs performed on this show are terrible beyond words. of course. its hosted by ryan cabrera, and the best episode i ever saw was when one of the contestants said, "i'm so happy i get to work with ryan cabrera, i couldnt ask for anyone better." i dunno, i bet i could come up with at least 1000 people i would rather have help me write a song. no offense ryan cabrera?

weeds : i got really into weeds right away and i just realised a week or two ago that i dont like it. all the big cable networks are really into making sassy shows about marginalized people, and while old neofeminist sluts and queers having lots of hot sex seemed to work, i dont think bourgeois people smoking pot is going to cut it.

degrassi jr high and degrassi: the next generation : best canadian import ever, next to sctv, kids in the hall, and porky's. im inclined to say the older ones are better, but the new episodes are SO INTENSE. except the kevin smith guest starring bullshit, i wasnt a fan of that. it would have been way more fun if atom egoyan dropped by and all the children in the town died in a bus crash.

transgeneration : this was an eight part miniseries that followed four college kids in different parts of the US who were in various stages of gender reassignment. it was really well done and all, but by far the best part is i found all four trans kids on myspace and theyre all friends with each other. god bless the internet.

i'm pretty high on cough syrup, i should go to bed