28 march 2005.11:15 pm

spring break went by. i applied for six jobs and either did not get called back or was told that they'd put me "on file." i watched at least 25 movies in seven days. i cooked a different dinner every night. my entire extended family saw my terri schiavo photoshopped picture and all told me it was funny. i paid my cell phone bill via a computer system that recognized human speech and it blew my fucking mind. best service i have ever gotten from tmobile. ever. the rats/mice/opossum/CHUDs/tremors that live in the space between the floor and the cabinets are getting louder and scarier and i want them dead.

my main interests right now are made for tv movies, cooking meat in fun new ways, brushing my hair, and doing shots of remy martin vsop special reserve champagne cognac right before i walk into my film classes. i love listing interests. i think profiles should have a space where you can list shit that you hate, because frankly i would love to meet other people that hate coral, ray romano, and sociology.

speaking of profile sites, myspace offers "usernames" or some garbage and now i can be easily stalked at http://myspace.com/facepunch. you know what i hate? when people bite my style. i.e. _facepunch on livejournal: you are an asshole.

school please end soon, i have things to do and people to see.