20 november 2002.853pm

today, i was walking around, thinking to myself, "man, SOMEONE AROUND ME smells like COLOGNE and SWEAT." and then i realized it was ME. i also realized i need to wash my clothes: they stink of har mar and his various juices that got on my shirt from the show two nights ago. more hot indie rock guys need to get naked and sweaty at shows and rub up against their audience, it would really make almost any show just a wee bit more enjoyable.

i say "almost" because we wouldnt want anyone like, say, elliot smith to get naked and paw and grind his fans, since im pretty sure the man sweats PURE HEROIN. god bless you, mr smith.


this is the closest thing i have to a gallery showing. someone give me a grant for my art RIGHT NOW, because im a ˇˇˇFUCKING REVOLUTIONARY GENIUS!!!