25 october 2001.1154am

this was overheard by joanna and chris, in the laundry room at s.f. state. the speaker was male and wearing a "transformers" t shirt.

"if you are going to wash your dark rinse denim pants, you must turn them inside out and wash them seperately. are they zipper or button fly? good, because zippers have a tendency to rip holes in your shirts. for example, i had a t-shirt with the likenesses of bruce lee and jackie chan; jackie chan was saying to bruce lee: 'yes, but do you do your own stunts?' this is funny because bruce lee, in fact, did not do his own stunts. anyway, i washed it with a pair of zipper-fly jeans and it ripped the shirt down the front. so then i sold it to a store on haight street."

lordy, there are so many things wrong with people.