16 july 2004.1032 pm

things i've been doing other than updating my online diary:

1. watching "roseanne." if i plan it right [if i forgo anything even remotely social] i can watch roseanne for at least 3 hours each day. and when it's not on i have this to console me.

2. sleeping. one of the slats in my bed has fallen off the frame, so everything tilts to the upper left corner, including myself when i'm in bed. i secretly like this.

3. playing tetris. my tetris mania has reached the point where i think of things in tetris terms, i.e. when i talk to you, i'm probably not really paying attention to what you say, but instead visualizing what teris pieces would fit perfectly around your head.

4. planning the CODY VS ASHLEY PACIFIC NORTHWEST TOUR 2K4!!!!!!! cody and i will be appearing live in portland, olympia, seattle and vancouver starting on the 28th. if you're in the area, by all means say hello! and maybe give us gas money! cody's falcon takes a lot of gas! suggestions for fun places to stop are welcome. i already know about the gigantic porno warehouse in medford though, so that's taken care of!

NEXT TIME: a short essay on my new favorite beverage.