28 March 2003.102pm

today i narrowly missed having to go to jury duty. and as many fun-filled adventures i would have had at the redwood city courthouse for $15 a day, im relieved that i wont get summoned for at least another year. if only because im sure that after a day or so, the novelty would wear off and i'd be screaming, "DEATH! DEATH TO ALL!!!!" as the verdict for a car theft ring case.

to celebrate this, i went to the mall with joanna because im unaware of the concept of "saving my money." this point is well demonstrated as my major purchase for the day was a cd case in the shape of a giant hamburger. wait. on closer inspection it appears to be a cheeseburger. i also bought a purse, which i also didnt need, but its not cheeseburger-shaped and therefore not nearly as interesting.

then joanna made me try on a pink sparkly prom dress and the punchline to this is that it looked phenomenal on me. someone send me to a function where a $200 glittery fuschia gown is appropriate and ill totally rock your world.