21 january 2002.9:34 pm

catherine and i managed to make the woman sitting in front of us move ten rows away in mere minutes. this was before the movie had started, before the previews had even started. this is also a prime example of how i have trouble differentiating between right and wrong. we were discussing intersexed people. i believe the conversation went a little something like this:

me: "i knew a friend of a friend who was getting a sex change from female to male. she took a bunch of hormones to make her clit larger."

catherine: " i heard that's really ineffective. i mean, they have to stick a rod in it to get it hard and everything."

me: "maybe they just build a penis out of other parts, but use the skin from the clitoris to make it all sensitive."

catherine: "i thought when the clit grows it loses some sensitivity. like all the nerves space themselves out or something. but the clit does have more nerves than the penis does..."

me: "whatever. i'd never want a penis. gross."

catherine: "me either. too many important parts exposed."

the lady sitting in front of us had turned around to glare at us several times during the conversation, and by this point she left. when her husband came back in with armfuls of succulent snacks, hopefully sold to him by the charming asian boy at the concession stand, he took a few minutes to find her, and then they proceeded to stare at us some more.


someone found my diary from a google search for "fucking my sexy mom and grandma". what's that about?