6 november 2001.636pm

when you wake up from surgery, your first thought is, "damn. i really am invincible.". and then you realize you're super cold and your incision hurts and they have this mask on your face. and that's when the crying starts.

the surgery went better than expected. i have all of my organs and such, and the cyst they removed had hair and a tooth (!!!!) and i like to think of it as the closest i will come to having a baby anytime soon.

so i'm back with a vengeance, if i may say so myself. if i grow any more new parts i'll cut them out of my own goddamned body.

the best parts of the hospital:

1. all your friends come and visit you and bring you balloons and flowers and presents and tell you how much they love you. and that rules.

2. patient administered painkiller. i pressed a little button and it shot morphine into my iv. whenever i wanted. if i pressed it enough, i fell asleep.