18 october 2002.706pm

today i:

was in the parking lot at albertson's in woodside plaza, which is what i imagine satan's grocery store in hell to be like, only much less efficient, and to walk back to my car i had to move a shopping cart out of my way, when it proceeded to roll into the side of someone's broke-ass jeep cherokee. an older lady, sitting in a car across from the jeep, apparently feeling her need to be as crotchety and snotty as possible, alerted me to this fact by yelling at me, shaking her head and calling me, i swear, "trampy." mind you, i am a chubby 19 year old girl wearing glasses, black clothes, pink shoes and a scarf. if anything, i look "bookish."

this, however, was all made up for when i:

was driving back from the mall, thereby passing by carlmont high school just as all the kids were getting out, when a boy, who couldnt have been more than 16, pointed at me, and then grabbed his crotch while saying "eeeeeeeeeAH!"

oh yeah.