30 january 2003.953pm

i bought the GREATEST. BOOK. EVER. at the grocery store tonight - you already KNOW its great coz they sell it at safeway. its by nick bishop, who is probably winning a pulitzer as i type this, and its entitled, FREAK! Inside the Twisted World of Michael Jackson. NOW I CAN FINALLY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MICHAEL!!! its like jesus came down and wrote a book especially for shelly and lindsay and silvia and me. MICHAEL JACKSON IS A SUPERSTAR OUT OF CONTROL!!

god. and theres a picture insert. this makes up for the icky "tokyo mix" hapi snack i got. note to self: never buy japanese trail mix that has seaweed as a main ingredient.

BUT MICHAEL. michael.

im changing my name to paris-michael.

shit like this makes me LOVE EVERYONE.