14 june 2002.1255 pm

true story:

1. whenever bork comes over, my dogs relentlessly hump him. he left his sweatshirt at my house a few days ago, and it's been on the back of my computer chair. i had been sitting in the chair for an hour or so, and then i was sitting on the floor talking with my mom. the dogs smelled my sweater, and then attempted to hump me for the next 30 minutes. i realised that they had smelled bork's sweatshirt on me, so i brought it in the living room and the dogs got really excited. bork has a very distinct scent. my pets like it a lot.

2. the first time i ever IM a boy from one of those profile places, like makeoutclub or lipstickandcigarettes, he tells me his responses are delayed because he's "sort of touching himself", but he still wanted to talk to me. this happened last night. i'm traumitised. i should add that i found his profile on "only undies club", so i guess i deserved what i got. jesus.

true story.