21 january 2004.759 pm

i've noticed a lack of funny events happening lately so i decided to go back to school. and by "school," i mean "the local community college that is full of old people, drug dealers, and roughly 7000 people i know from high school." don't worry, i'm not taking any classes i could really benefit from: my slacker status is very secure.

i.e. im taking a sewing class. the class consists of: older women who havent sewn in years; a bunch of girls who are getting their AA in fashion so they can create j-lo inspired clothing; one man who is either gay or foreign, i cant tell; and a lady who i'm pretty sure used to be a man. possibly still is. the instructor is a very, very optimistic woman who is easily excited about things like interlock and basting.

oh but i havent gotten to the best part! my three projects for the class are as follows [no, i didnt choose these, they were on the syllabus]:

- a tshirt

- pants with an ELASTIC WAIST [!!!!!!]

and for my FINAL:

- A REVERSIBLE VEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


don't worry, pictures will be posted of all of my creations. juuust wait.