18 february 2003.531pm

its interesting [but not surprising] to me that even though im currently not going to school and i dont have a real job, i can still manage to accomplish absolutely nothing in a day. I CANT SEEM TO GET ANY SHIT DONE AT ALL.

but of course i can manage to get to the salon and get my hair dyed. im blonder than ever before. i feel so shallow and california.

and then i went over to bork's house and had a highschool flashback, because bork has a big jacob ham poster in his room and we were listening to method 5150 and rancid and other stuff that takes me back 4 years ago. bork also has a lot of fishing stuff in his room, i.e. fishing line, back issues of bassmaster, a giant piece of a mallard duck that he makes lures out of, etc, but it didnt incite deja vu of any sort for me.

ill get a job soon i swear. im just having too much fun doing nothing right now.