13 january 2004.915 pm

my life has been too self absorbed and busy for my online diary because i have been filling my time with the following:

1. reruns of "full house." [p.s. just because he was on a bad family [T.G.I.F. OMG!!!!!!!] sitcom and now he does stupid commercials, doesnt mean you should feel ashamed of thinking that john stamos is a babe. have mercy, uncle jesse!]

2. finding more friendsters for my fake friendster profile, Hobo Love Forever. add Hobo Love into your life right now: hobolove@nakedisbetter.com

3. reruns of "the nanny."

4. smoking pot and listening to coltrane [my dad would be so pround of me, thats exactly what he was doing when he was 20] while we take pictures of cody in children's halloween costumes from the late 1980s/early 1990s that he stole from his work. pictures to follow later.

5. "the surreal life." i'll admit, i did not watch the first season, but this season is beautiful, so majestic and beautiful, it makes sunsets and nature and aurora borealis look like post WWII japan after mothra crapped all over it. a brief rundown:

  • erik estrada - nicest guy ever, almost makes you forget he used to beat his wife.

  • tammy faye bakker - i love tammy faye, and i hope her attractive youth minister son shows up at some point.

  • traci bingham - slut; would probably have sex for a louis vuitton luggage tag.

  • trishelle - slut; hella got fingered by andy dick in a bathroom at a party, case closed.

  • ron jeremy - he's already mackin on all the ladies, god bless you hedgehog.

  • vanilla ice - total douche.

tomorrow i take my car in to see if it can pass smog. pray for my egg shaped toyota.