22 august 2004.927 pm

so last week was both my first week of school and "american chopper" week on the discovery channel. i like when cable channels have theme weeks, because then they just run the featured show approximately all the time, but by friday i was in Severe Chopper Overload. at least there was intense mikey exposure. i love when mikey wears shorts [so obviously i LOVE IT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!].

slightly more important, school:

1. my professor for "technology and the decline of human values" is an older, disheveled man who likes to say things like "TELEVISION IS THE HARDWARE, PROPAGANDA IS THE SOFTWARE," and gave us a lecture on why we should distrust modern medicine. i like him a lot because he reminds me of my dad. his class also provides a nice contrast with

2. my macromedia flash teacher is a short hispanic woman who is VERY excited to be teaching us the wonders of flash animation, which she considers to be the best program ever created. to illustrate the said wonders, she showed us this and sang along, since she's a big led zepplin fan. she totally rules. expect to see my projects for this course starting in october.

3. i have the worst platonic crush on my film professor. i want to get coffee with him and listen to him talk about the french new wave. he's like a flamboyant woody allen who gesticulates madly while pacing about 20 feet back and forth back and forth. i'm excited for next semester when i write up my own contracts and get to talk to him one on one about pretenious art films.

in other news, i have $80 in the bank, im behind on cell phone payments, netflix collects on the 7th of every month, i need to buy about $250 worth of books for school, and this video haunts me in my dreams every night. i need a well manicured sugar daddy, STAT.