15 november 2004.327 pm

machines i am cheating on the computer with:

CELL PHONE: not the actual talky phone part, but i downloaded a game called "HoneyCave2" and i am positively enchanted with it, and not just because it sounds like a porno movie. its a sidescrolling game where you are a bear with a machine gun and you collect jars [of honey, presumably, even though theyre bright blue] and you kill bees and larvae. obviously, it rules.

TELEVISION: i love you, 15" RCA that lives in the corner of my room. you were always my #1. c'mon be my baby tonight.

CONVENTIONAL [as opposed to unconventional?] OVEN: dont you want to eat things i've touched?

the computer better start being amazing if it wants to win me back. i would suggest repairing its operating system on its own since i dont have the $75/hour it would take a professional nerd to fix it, and i don't have the time or energy lately to try to seduce any geeks. sorry boys!