9 july 2003.109 am

this summer is being sort of lame, and i think the major problem is that there isnt a definitive summer song yet. and i dont mean bullshit like the music playing during some hot makeout session [i.e. the nirvana live album... we're not going to discuss that] or what you bump in your ride when youre cruisin around town [currently its ramones: all the stuff and more volume 1, and if you dont like the ramones youre probably an asshole]. no, i mean a song that everyone recognizes as being the shake your ass worthy anthem of the summer. a song that when you hear on the car radio you turn all the way up and sing along even if you dont know the words. like last summer it was nelly's "hot in herre," which could possibly be one of the greatest summer songs ever, second only to when i was 16 and the summer song was "livin la vida loca." dont you remember that?? shake those hips, ricky martin!!


the new solution to all my problems: FIRE.