1 april 2004.1105 pm

all i do lately is nanny and school nanny and school nanny and school and occasionally i smoke dope and watch movies, but not nearly as often as i'd like.

nannying: is fine, but as a side effect i have developed the automatic reaction of making sure everyone has gone to the bathroom before we get in the car,and does everyone have all their stuff because we are not coming back, and zip up your sweatshirt its cold outside, and if you drop any more garbage out the side of the car i am going to sell you into white slavery and not share the money with your parents so help me jesus.

school: is fine, i got my film midterm back tonight with an A on it; related story: when i got to school tonight, i parked about three spots away from a girl i vaguely recognised from high school. she was pulling her hair back into a ponytail, and then she peculiarly ducked down, and up, and down, and up, and it was then i noticed that there was a boy laying down in the front seat, fully reclined, with his feet up on the dash and pants around his ankles. way to blow your boyfriend in the school parking lot at 6pm, heather! it was nice to see you again!

dope: i don't really buy drugs but on the rare occasion that no one is around to give me free ones, my marijuana merchant is constantly out riding his minibike. literally, hours of minibike riding. he has multiple minibikes, i've seen them. does no one else find this funny?

movies: i want to meet the person who started netflix, shake their hand, and then take them to the parking lot at the community college to give them the ol heather b., because my god. i dont even have to get off my ass to rent movies. phenomenal.

CURRENT FUTURE PLANS: don't you think i'd make a good roller derby star?