02 february 2005.1256 am

i go to school and i do crossword puzzles [i have an entire book of monday-strength new york times puzzles, which would be complete no-brainers if i was fluently versed in 1. geography 2. french and 3. dead sports heroes. at least those 4 years of classical latin i have under my proverbial belt are finally worth something] and sometimes i watch this incredible train wreck of a television show called "DANCE 360." "DANCE 360" is hosted by kel, of the [in]famous duo kenan [who once hit on my best friend, true story] and kel [who i heard was dead, but is alive [not well] and on this show]. the premise is a bunch of young kids are dressed like "thugz" and "hoez" and they dance and one is arbitrarily chosen as the winner. the winner gets $360 and an xbox. SCORE!

in other news i got an unsolicited obscene phone call. he said his name was "kevin" and i had "won" a "free fantasy phone call," and then he started moaning and asking what i was wearing. it was less creepy than philip seymour hoffman in "happiness," but honestly one of my ultimate fantasies involves sitting on philip seymour hoffman's face, so i would have preferred that over kevin. kevin, you suck! worst prank phone call ever!