30 May 2003.238 am

backtothefuschia : r kelly = america's boy

backtothefuschia : r kelly for president

bewarethemothman : thats really the only logical next step

bewarethemothman : he has my vote

bewarethemothman : unless will smith runs

backtothefuschia : will smith would be such a good president

bewarethemothman : i KNOW

bewarethemothman : i heard rumors that he might actually want to run sometime

backtothefuschia : OMG

backtothefuschia : id totally campaign for him

bewarethemothman : me too, i'd wear my will smith 4 prez, get jiggy in the white house pin all the time

bewarethemothman : i'd vote for any rapper to be president, probably

bewarethemothman : but especially will smith

backtothefuschia : i wouldnt vote for ll cool j

bewarethemothman : why not?

bewarethemothman : are you angry at him?

bewarethemothman : dont make decisions when you're mad

backtothefuschia : he's a registered republican

backtothefuschia : and he just makes music for 30 year old women

backtothefuschia : but, i will admit, he built


uhhh, i dont do anything all day long. i drink a lot of tea and i read a lot of books. and watch a lot of MTV.

"girls and boys" by good charlotte is totally my jammy jam.


bewarethemothman : i like teas that are kinda fruity

bewarethemothman : like i like my men