21 november 2002.10:41 pm

i went to best buy to purchase batteries for my digital camera, and usually my m.o. at best buy is to shove whatever i need help with in an employee's face, i.e. my camera, and demand to be waited on, since the only thing i can successfully find at best buy by myself are cds. but this time the hotshots in the camera section were busy trying to sell a man a camcoder, which was going to be a hard sale because apparently its best buy's policy to hire people who have less than basic knowledge of whichever department they work in. but somehow the man ended up buying the camera, which prompted the salesboys to "high five" each other after he walked away.

so i figured this was a good time to ask about my camera, and batteries, and other camera related things that i, as a customer, was very interested in, but the best the hotshot camera bitches could do was 1. look confused when i asked about rechargeable battery packs and 2. point to the wall of batteries THAT I WAS ALREADY STANDING IN FRONT OF, obviously NOT FINDING THE ANSWERS I NEEDED THERE, so POINTING TO IT ISNT GOING TO HELP, YOU FREAKS. HOW COME YOU STAND THERE AND HIGH FIVE, WHICH HAS TO BE ONE OF THE LOWEST FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, AND NOT TRY TO LEARN ABOUT CAMERAS AND CAMERA RELATED PRODUCTS?


in short, i bought expensive nonrechargeable batteries and i put up a new picture on makeoutclub.