25 november 2002.1242 am

if youre ever watching the news and you hear about a person driving a white tercel on the 101 with a shotgun, picking off all the old men driving luxury cars who dont ever let you over but BY GOD if they need to get into your lane they will cut you off to the point of almost slamming their car into yours since their lexus is insured for eight million dollars and your toyota will crumble like a delicate pastry upon impact, yeah thats probably me but try not to tell anyone.

then i had to stop for a "random sobriety test," where i came to terms with 2 things about my drivers license:

  1. i look like a convict in my picture.

  2. my height is incorrect.

my cousin told me i looked like nikki sixx in my license picture, which im pretty sure he meant as a compliment but i took as an insult.

next time we go somewhere why dont you drive?