27 March 2002. 2:13 a.m

i cut class and i saw the faint tonight. they played with this band called "the gault", which was basically this gothic asian boy crying for 40 minutes, and some gothic dance band whose name i didn't catch (because i'm pretty sure they never threw it out) but was mainly this attractive girl dancing and singing the world's worst lyrics. "close my eyes [motion of hands over eyes], wear a disguise [run hands suggestively over body]", etc. they also projected video footage of the singer on the screen behind the band. it kind of reminded me of the kenneth branagh version of hamlet, inasmuch as when you watch "hamlet", you know kenneth branagh sits at home and masturbates while he watches it (because it's basically a huge ode to himself), much like the band was to the singer. crazy gothic people.

there were a lot of crazy gothic people at the show, my favorite being this kid wearing this tight pinstripe outfit that buckled up the front. we dubbed him "buckles". now he sounds like a beagle.