22 september 2003.1053 pm

ever since i got this job being a nanny/chauffeur, all i do is sleep and drive. i dont have time to listen to music, or read books, or hug my loved ones; im much too busy driving my egg shaped car and honking furiously at any number of annoyances, including but not limited to bicyclists that dont signal and drivers that stop on the train tracks after they cut me off in the intersection. NICE.

obviously, the best option for me is to learn how to survive on 4 hours of sleep, and then take up a hobby, so my life isnt so boring. i tried to start a collection of music videos that people make at theme parks and grad nights, you know, dancing and lipsynching in front of a bluescreen.... those are a lot harder to find than i originally anticipated.

note to self: get job filming/processing these videos... you wont regret it.

im opening the floor for suggestions on a hobby that would be quintessentially "ashley;" for the time being im going to collect children's books that are unintentionally funny. i already have this one, im sure i have others from my childhood that i refused to throw away because i thought they were funny back then, too. here is the newest addition to my collection:

i think they could have squeezed some more shady characters on the cover, though. i mean really.