8 september 2001.1:30 p.m

so i've been having a bunch of fucked up dreams lately. thought i'd share some.

1. i had to go pick up morrissey from the airport (you know, i'm really fucking embarrassed that i have these retarded dreams. i don't know why i tell you people about them.) and all i remember is that he was a total asshole at the airport. someone ran up to him and asked for his autograph, and he punched them. i also had to take him hiking (?) and he got distracted by birds, so i left him and ran away.

2. i was helping di and lucy and someone else move into their dorm room. the dorms were massive, there were six or seven full-size beds and three people to a room, for some reason. the closets were massive, too. they were fairly narrow but still large enough to walk in and look around inside. after i helped di and lucy move my parents came and told me i had to go move my stuff in, and my dorm was far across campus. so i went to start unloading my stuff and alexis had already moved in. she had filled up the entire closet with all of her stuff, and there was even more stuff strewn about the room. and then it was five months in the future (so what if my dreams don't flow coherently?) and i was devising plans to off alexis, because she had too much stuff in the room and she kept stealing my cigarettes.