7 March 2002.10:49 a.m.

sorry for the lack of linear construction. it's a dream.

i was over at gordon's house, discussing theories on life with him and his friends when his parents came home. we all had to sneak out of the house because his parents hated us. we went downstairs and i talked to his brother for about thirty seconds and left.

then it was nighttime and i was at my house with cody and a few girls (i have no idea who these girls were. i don't think i've ever met any of them in real life). we were watching television, but it was pitch black in the house and my parents were walking around with candles. my sister came by to drop off her "baby" (i'm not quite sure it was a baby at all) and she was wearing white facepaint with shiny blue circles around her eyes and mouth. my mom handed me this letter someone wrote to me telling me how much they liked me, and i had no idea who had written the letter. we got all these old yearbooks from different schools out and were looking through them to try and figure out who it was. we found his name, and so one of the unnamed girls snuck around and figured out who it was.

it turned out to be this older, balding asian man, and he was waiting for me to come out of this store i was shopping in. i was trying to be polite, but at the same time trying to get rid of him. i went into a shoe store and lindsay was shopping, so i stopped and talked to her for a while. she gave me her jacket, told me it was mine, winked at me and left. the asian guy was still there.

he kept following me around until we ended up at some food court in some mall, where he started asking me really strange questions, stuff about where i was earlier and who my friends are and such. i realised he had been watching me for a really long time. i proceeded to get more and more uncomfortable, and then anna shows up with some guy. i ask her to get me out of this place, and her friend threatens the scary stalker man and we leave. the stalker starts screaming.

we go out to the parking lot, and i break down and cry.