07 december 2002.144pm

my aunt paid me $80 to watch her kids for a night. originally i thought she paid me so much because she knows im totally broke, but im pretty sure it was because she knew that her pets would drive me FREAKIN CRAZY. there are two cats, and their favorite place to sleep, apparently, is on your face. i'd be almost sleeping, hoping to god that no raccoons would come in through the sliding glass door that i left open but was way too tired to shut, and then all of a sudden a fluffy cat was on my head. and it wasnt like they jumped on the bed and then settled down on my face, they jumped directly from the floor to my pillow.

because of this, i had to develop a new involuntary reaction that basically consisted of intercepting the cat RIGHT BEFORE it landed on my precious face, and throwing kitty into the bathroom. i thought that action would already be present in the nervous system, but UNFORTUNATELY ITS NOT.

and now its morning >face intact. cats intact. raccoonless. STILL TIRED.

$80 richer; time to buy some clothes.