11 April 2003.1007pm

today i purchased the hipster handbook; some parts of it are funny, i guess, in one of those "my life can be reduced to a comical esoteric dissertation on [quote] the scene [end quote]," depressing ways. which, god willing, was the point of it, but, they got some things wrong in that book, lemme tellya. not only did they only address top 40 rap/hiphop once and then merely dissed it, but the glaring omission of fat boys is completely unforgivable. in fact, the only way to atone for all this is to give me a large sum of money and have me write a parody on scenesters, because i think i could do a much better job. and besides, wouldnt you buy a book i wrote?

nice try, anchor books. once again, the score is: the entire world: zero, ashley: seven hundred billion.