25 january 2003.1059pm

this weekend has been chocolate chip cookie dough and reruns of E! fashion emergency on the fashion channel. theyre so old emme isnt as fat and they paint her up like a cheap whore, which is what? 1995? i get 500 channels and theres still nothing on tv. although i did watch "quills" again and i must say that joaquin phoenix is my favorite actor with a harelip.

tomorrow im going to the mall to get measured for my bra size again, since ive recently noticed that all my bras either dont fit or have exploded. and by exploded i mean that while im wearing them, the straps snap or the underwire escapes to stab me in the chest, leaving me with bras that ive precariously sewn back together, which means that they aint doin the job right.

and if i go to the victoria's secret where the 3'5" dwarf works, i hope beyond hope that she gets to measure me. coz if theres one thing i like, its making my fellow man totally uncomfortable, and if my calculations are correct, her miniature head will be eye level with my large unruly breasts. a ha ha ha ha.

but right now its time for darrin's dance grooves, because i just realised that ive never gotten past the britney spears "crazy" routine, so now i think its time to conquer "bye bye bye."

bye bye!