10 may 2004.1144 pm

sometimes i start thinking too hard about how i'm not normal and then i wonder what it would be like to be normal. like, how sweet would it be to turn on the radio and think "hey! theyre playing that coldplay song for the 900th time today! excellent! my fave!" or how satisfying it must be to always vote for the winning political candidate. being really sad about "friends" and "angel" going off the air and knowing that millions of other people feel the same way. shopping only at the mall and thinking that cargo shorts and ugg boots are cool. reading cosmo at face value. honestly enjoying movies with ben affleck in them.

but, you know, since my life has barely any latent content at all, tomorrow i'm gonna go to the liquor store where the old asian woman touched my bosom [p.s. i found out i was not the first to be assaulted, multiple accounts of boob and booty touchings have been reported to me since], because her store is going out of business and i hear that everything is on clearance, and i bet my charm coupled with my huge juggs could get me some free alcohol.

hey thats sort of normal isnt it?

happy birthday to me.