10 january 2003.1155pm

since im an "underachiever," i rarely take any classes that i think would challenge me in the least, BUT starting on monday i will be attempting to learn JAPANESE. out of all the foreign languages offered, this is by far the MOST foreign. im taking it because while i can sing along to my puffy amiyumi cd ["wake mo nai no ni kagayaku - sore dake ga ai no shirushi!"], i have NO IDEA what it means.

of course, there is an enormous chance that im going to weiner out of this before i even start classes. so help me god.

in other, non - freaking - out - about - college news, today i went with lindsay to get her tattoo. its always fun to watch your close friend [BFF, if you will] endure dermal pain. and she's a bleeder! woo!

but the best part was when some guy came in the shop and asked if he could get his "vida loca" tattoo [located on his hand] covered up with a marijuana leaf. man, what a GOOD IDEA HUH?

p.s. someone signed my guestbook with "i hope you never get a penis," which is quite possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. thank you, gentle sir.