13 July 2002.10:24 pm

gordon: there's a middle school chess competition going on at the library right now.

ashley: middle school? that's awful. are they all nerdy social outcasts?

gordon: yes. lots of asian kids in sweatpants.

ashley: i would never let my child do that. that's basically asking the bullies to torture them.

gordon: yeah, seriously.

ashley: who can love a nerd?

gordon: not me. i want to rig up a stereo to blast some harsh noise with then escape and lock the doors like PCU. harsh noise as opposed to starland vocal band.

ashley: no, that'll just make them cry.

gordon: i know but they would associate chess with jarring noises, thus ending this chess tournament bullshit.


gordon: quote me on that jarring noises thing.


ashley: i'm so coked up right now i can't believe i'm talking to you.