9 october 2002.1219pm

man, there totally arent enough hours in the day to do everything i want. like today i had class, and i just ended up listening to michael jackson records. and then, all of a sudden, i realised my class was over! but michael was still going. that's a bad example; i dont actually want to go to school.

i DO, however, want to listen to michael jackson records all day long.


true story:

i'm driving around fairly lost in emerald hills, which is full of winding streets and narrow roads, and im driving on a winding, narrow road with some asshole in an expedition tailgating me. an ambulance starts coming the opposite way, so i pull over quickly. the guy behind me slams on his brakes and honks. the ambulance speeds by, taking up almost the whole road, and i start driving after its gone. the road widens and im turning right, and the guy in the expedition pulls up next to me.

him: "why the hell did you stop and pull over like that?"

me: "there was an AMBULANCE coming, GENIUS."

asshole: "what, are you calling me stupid?"

[long, long pause]

me: "no, i called you a genius, didnt i?"

and then i turned right. he gave me the finger. telle est ma vie. people are lame. the end.