1 september 2005.749 pm

its september and ive been back in school for three weeks. i should be in school right now but my uterus is acting up and somehow class got cancelled, thank goodness because i dont think i'm at that level of intimacy with both my professor and my classmates where i could spend the three hour lecture with a hot water bottle gently cradling my lower abdomen.

with the route i take, school is almost exactly ten miles away. while i drive, i smoke and take a break and smoke and take a break and then i am on campus. i listen to my car stereo slash busted boombox which stopped playing tapes like, last year, but you know? i barely listened to the radio all summer and the first day i get in the car its the same music, three months and nothing changed, nothing nothing. can you really listen to the postal service seriously? does anyone actually like coldplay? why are people still singing "bee aay en aay en aay ess?" come now.

early august my subconscious dedicated two weeks of my REM sleep to nightmares, all of which i forgot.

late august i went to the county fair. i ate a frozen banana [bee aay en aay en aay?] that was shaped not unlike this cactus i saw in the plant exhibit
eating a frozen banana takes both hands and your mouth. it is extremely uncomfortable to do in public.

also in the art exhibit i found this watercolor by a mentally impaired adult that bears a ridiculously striking resemblance to yours truly

and so on and so forth.