18 december 2002.1247am

i hope everybody watched "the osbournes" and saw the picture of har mar in kelly's room. har mar is going to be FAMOUS. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE FAT INDIE ROCK BOY SEAN TILLMANN [to all other fat indie rock boys: do not fret! i LOVE YOU ALL!]. <3

i havent done ANY christmas shopping. im pretty sure that means that santa is going to condemn me to hell. i've been considering converting to reform judaism, as long as i can still collect all my catholic memorabilia, i.e. virgin mary statues that glow in the dark, or 3D pictures of jesus, crucified and bleeding on the cross. it looks like the spear in his side is COMING RIGHT OUT AT YOU!!

tip of the day: when playing the emo game, as much as you might want to, DON'T fingerbang mandy moore. BAD IDEA.