19 April 2005.11:46 pm

rumor has it the new pope was a nazi youth? either way, new pope isnt as loveable as the dead pope. catholicism needs to get exciting. i dont give a shit about how pious he is or where he stands politically, i want my popes bleeding from stigmata and curing blind people and smelling like roses when they die. new pope is really old though, he'll die and then i can enjoy another pope election ceremony soon.

new halloween costume: sexy pope.

in other news, my 22nd birthday is wednesday, may 11th. i have a paper due that night on sirkian melodrama and its relation to 1980s america, and i have class the next day. i will probably spend my birthday drinking $2 wine and watching television and making up for it by partying uncontrollably during the ucsc graduation week in june.

my birthday list:

*catholic stuff [especially crucifixes, but also statues, rosaries, prayer cards, velvet art, etc]

*kitchenwares and knickknacks from the 1970s that feature owls and/or mushrooms



*kitchenaid artisan series 5 quart mixer, crystal blue

*betty crocker bake n fill cake pan

*private concert with morrissey, hilary duff, and roy orbison

*a game of seven minutes in heaven with mikey teutul, philip seymour hoffman, penn jillette, more TBA if i think of them

22 days left. better start shopping.