9 may 2003.1155pm

the best part about having a best friend is being able to talk to them about anything, i.e. about boys you have a crush on.

robotique coeur : he's just michael jackson, but bigger and fatter

backtothefuschia : he is not a child molestor!

robotique coeur : denial, just like liz taylor.

backtothefuschia : what if you meet him and you think he's a really cool guy?

robotique coeur : ill know the truth in the inside, just like lisa marie presley.

backtothefuschia : what if i marry him and have like 8 of his kids?

backtothefuschia : would you hate me?

robotique coeur : yes

robotique coeur : because i know he would make them wear veils

robotique coeur : and he would molest them

backtothefuschia : what if i just had sex with him a few times?

robotique coeur : no.

robotique coeur : he would just molest you, not have sex.

robotique coeur : you're just like jordan chandler

robotique coeur : but older and with a vagina

robotique coeur : tricked until, me, aka evan chandler, discovers the truth.

backtothefuschia : youd be like my dad, lindsay

robotique coeur : good, now make him give me millions of dollars NOW