20 june 2002.1039 pm

today, when i was at the dmv getting my permit:

- i saw a woman with the most insane amount of facial hair. i've seen boys with much less facial hair [which, while we're on the topic, i don't like it when boys can't grow any facial hair. i think every guy should at least have some sideburns. but i digress]. she had a full moustache and the startings of a beard. wow.

- the man who graded my test told me that the toyota tercel [my car] is "the finest car ever created". he talked about how "amazing" his wife's toyota avalon is, and them he made me go look at his toyota truck. toyota toyota toyota. jesus.

- the large black lady who gave me my test said this to me after she took my picture "what, you think you bad or something?"

yes. yes i do.