26 October 2004.503 pm

having just spent the past four hours working on my midterm for digital animation, i am quite sorry to report that i am so incredibly far away from creating the next "badger badger mushroom" that i dont even really want to try anymore. i just now realised that while everyone else is in this class for practical reasons, like they're planning on making a living from all this insane useless crap, i am the least practical person in possibly the entire computer science/digital arts department and this is including the weird hippie i was seated next to earlier.
things i am so unbeliveably sick of that i'm going to vomit out new orifices:
- [i feel gross saying this] not having a car. i didnt get my license until i was 19, but i never thought the world would shatter at my feet if i didnt have one. and while its a petty problem, the earth is currently in tiny shards that i step on when im waiting for friends and family to pick my ass up. waiting = totally blows.
- t-mobile calling me and telling me to pay my bill even after i yelled at a customer service rep about how i dont have any money, and by god if they charge everyone those outrageous prices they sure as shit don't need my $200 anytime soon. i secretly have the brain of a grandpa.
- looking at this computer screen.