16 january 2003.1026pm

3 songs i have had stuck in my head for the past 4 or 5 days:

  1. nivea - don't mess with my man

  2. tom petty - walls

  3. will smith - gettin' jiggy wit it

ok the will smith one is my fault. "big willie style" for $2.99 at goodwill. like i wasnt going to buy it. the other ones, i dont know. i just dont know.

3 movies i have seen multiple times over the past 4 or 5 days:

  1. crazy/beautiful

  2. 8 seconds

  3. glitter

kirsten dunst is a sweet angel of the lord and 8 seconds is ALWAYS on after crazy/beautiful. luke perry in CHAPS.

and dont even talk to me if you didnt like glitter. you probably didnt like crossroads either. asshole.


PIMPS N HOS TOMORROW NIGHT! WOOO! either 7000 people are going to come and its going to be out of control, or its going to be us sitting around totally drunk playing grand theft auto. whatever happens, im bringing my will smith cd ["ill-way the an-may on the ance-day oor-flay"] and my pink + brown/death drug split. the song by death drug, which is also called death drug, is the Best Party Song Ever. its ten minutes of a sweet bassline with soundclips from a movie about the dangers of pcp [the movie is ALSO called "death drug," i believe], and every 15 seconds a bunch of people yell "paaaaahhhr - taaaaaaaay." i plan to put it on repeat for several hours.


and in closing id just like to give pete townshend a big woohoo for getting busted for child pornography, because he overshadows the trouble that pee wee herman is in, again. except pee wee is just in trouble for hot sexy teen porn, and pete is in for naked pictures of children porn. WHO'S THE BIGGER PERVERT NOW?