05 february 2002.7:28 p.m

on friday, while lindsay was getting her haircut, dana and i were browsing in the miniatures and dollhouse shop. while we were looking at the different dollhouse displays (i really, really like dollhouses. betcha didn't know that.), we came across this small scene under glass: an older man, dressed in early 20th century garb, was standing behind a video camera, we'll assume he was filming. there was a couch and sexy lingere strewn about the display case, and a very confused young-boy doll wearing boxers and holding a bottle of viagra. dana and i tried to figure out what was going on, when one of the ladies who worked there (a woman who i'm sure works there simply because she gives off the air of being extremely refined and neat. a cracking-walnuts-with-her-ass type of lady.) walked by me and dana and said, "it used to have a pretty girl in there, but someone bought it yesterday. now they're filming a gay porn." dana's eyes got huge. we left shortly afterwards.