14 May 2005.11:13 pm

this 15 pound hamburger feeds approximately ten people. WHO'S WITH ME? i know i cant even try to eat it myself and i think it would be a quaint experience to sit in a sports bar with nine of my most meat eatingest friends and try to down a pound of ground chuck [plus fixins] apiece from this fucking mutant cheeseburger thats 3 times as large as my head. all the while drinking and possibly smoking if the pennsylvania fascists havent outlawed it yet. secondhand smoke my ass.

we'll make an adventure out of it. cody will drive the van, i'll ride shotgun and chris pak will be in the back. we'll pick up caridad, betsy, and becky on the way, and id even be willing to go out of the way and swing by virginia to get jeremy, because im pretty sure he would man up to the challenge.

come on, who else is coming????