24 november 2004.118 am

this was going to be a really awesome entry about how i totally hate vegan people for shoving their lameass dietary habits on me [salads without dressing? nigga please] and also about how i'm pretty sure cajun people are the toughest people in the world [alligator overpopulation in the bayou? WE'LL EAT FUCKING GATOR GUMBO] [can anyone tell i formulated these thoughts while watching "trading spouses" on monday? i digress] but instead i would just like to say that i've had a terrible week, with an astronomical amount of disappointments, letdowns, and being jerked around, and i decided to top it off with crashing my car. i hit a ford taurus driven by a teenager who was completely forgiving and not even shaken while i was freaking out like i crashed a schoolbus full of disabled kids instead of smacking corners with his car. no one was hurt. both cars still run. my alignment is off so much but i've decided to not care and hope that santa brings me a new used honda for christmas.

in short, life rules and will someone buy me this ashtray?