29 november 2003.119 am

thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday, because thanksgiving is all about family, and i hate most of my family. i spent thursday alternately working on codys christmas present [two words: BLACK METAL!!!!] and wishing i was adopted. it also didnt help that i was on my period and therefore MEGA ULTRA bitchy. all i wanted to do was lay around with a hot water bottle on my lower parts and eat oreos... sometimes i wouldnt mind doing that even when im not on the rag. anyway, so what im getting at is PLEASE ADOPT ME!! im 247 months old and very bright! and cute!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

a slightly better story: tuesday when i was at rite-aid buying swedish fish, the checkout lady asked me if i wanted to give a dollar to "diabetes people." hey, im a nice girl, i gave the dollar and got some coupons for stuff like sugar-free robitussin. but then she made me write my name in a big gold star that they hang up in the store, so everyone knows that you like diabetes people, i suppose. except instead of my name, i wrote "michael jackson." i urge you all to do the same: donate money in michael jackson's name. NOW.