3 december 2002.842 pm

backtothefuschia : man dont use my crazy schemes to make me look bad

backtothefuschia :i have a lot of crazy schemes, you are the ethel mertz to my lucy ricardo

robotique coeur : okay. im like your ethel. but when we're compared to mary tyler moore, you're my rhoda.

backtothefuschia : YES

robotique coeur : you even get your own spin off show dood.

backtothefuschia : im laverne, you are shirley

robotique coeur : shirley is closer to ashley, and laverne is closer to lindsay

backtothefuschia : but laverne had the wacky schemes, and shirley was more sensible

backtothefuschia : shirley also had that hot italian boyfriend, carmine

robotique coeur : fine

robotique coeur : that means youre cousin balky

robotique coeur : and im the american one

backtothefuschia : cousin larry

backtothefuschia : cousin larry appleton

robotique coeur : yeah. thats him.

backtothefuschia : youre samantha from bewitched and im uncle arthur because i really like paul lynde

robotique coeur : im the proper boston twin and you're the sassy california twin from the parent trap

backtothefuschia : im patty and youre cathy from the patty duke show

backtothefuschia : which is the same thing, basically, as what you said

robotique coeur : we're like the two doods on miami vice in those sharp suits

backtothefuschia : i think this is going in my diary